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    Gate Controller ESIM320


    A great way to provide additional protection to a property and avoid any uninvited guests in your territory. High reliability and multiple ways of remote control will satisfy and secure any kind of user.


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    Administrators up to 5
    Users database up to 2000
    Power supply 10-24 V 50 Hz ~ 200 mA max / 10-24 V 200 mA max
    Current consumption in idle state w/o external devices connected up to 50mA
    GSM modem frequency ESIM320 3G/2G EU 900/1800/2100MHz
    GSM modem frequency ESIM320US 3G USA 850/1900MHz
    Number of inputs 3
    Number of outputs 2
    Output type Relay
    Maximum commuting output values 24V 50Hz ~ 0,5A / 24V 1A
    Event LOG up to 1000 events
    Dimensions 87×107×29 mm
    Operating temperature range -20…+55 °C
    Humidity 0-90% RH @ 0… +40°C (0-90% RH @ +32… +104°F) (non-condensing)


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